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More About Us.

DASD Technology " Database And  Software Development"  is a brand & branch of DASD Inc. -  one of the trusted, professional consulting, educating & supporting, established legal corporation started by a group of passinate and skilled engineers, developers, enthusiats, techies, experts & geeks with pasion and vision to change, upgrade & modernize the societies globally with the help of new, cutting edge, evolving tools & technologies.The main area  of our work and services are Web development, Graphic design, mobile applications, SEO Blockchain, smart contracts, Dapps, cryptography,  (AI) Artificial intelligence & (IOT) Internet of things.
We continue to support and upgrade products for you.
We just don't make quick products, we design and develop to sustain and  work  well for you. 

Our Services are as below:

Web Development

We develop websites that strike the right balance between creativity & functionality. Our primary focus while creating a website is on it’s usability and elegance. They strike the right balance between creativity & functionality. We love to surf the web and update ourselves on daily basis. Latest updates and Trends in the web Industry are things we don’t miss. Our websites are highly up to date and optimized for better SEO.
[You ask we build]

Graphics Design

 Our creative and skilled team of designers can help brands & businesses find their voice and communicate with their target audience with clarity, confidence, and purpose. From Business Cards to Logo Design, Brochure Design or Infographics Design, we do all things digital.
Our team is always updated with the new technologies and toos to design modern and market killer products.  [Just talk to us]

Mobile Apps & Dapps

The percentage of website traffic coming from mobile devices jumped from 17.5% in Q3 2012 to 390% in Q4 2017, according to a new report from various media. This trend is increasing rapidly. These days, viewers aren’t limited to desktop and laptops. We develop intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications for IOS and Android Devices. We design responsive websites that automatically adapt to the screen size of the viewer.
[Be mobile]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have an expert team of SEO who spend sleepless nights to make sure your site gets easily found in search engines like google, bing and yahoo.
Besides making sites search engine friendly and submitting them to search engines, we also work for do social media marketing, online brand management and lots of other stuffs to market your products and services effectively.
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Mobile Apps  are  rising. SEO is important.
Get onboard as early possible. 

Blockchains, (AI)artificial intellegence, IOT are rising. Don't miss the train. 

DASD Technology  helps you educate, understand & experience, technologies,  cuts down development  cost &  save time by providing you affordable &  flexible consultation & support.


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